Wooden Bath Shower Body Brush with Removable Handle, Long Handle Back Scrubber, Dry Brushing

  • $11.99

Cleanse and exfoliate hard to reach areas with our ergonomically designed back scrubber. Our brush is a generous 17" which makes it great for reaching those hard to reach places. Removable handle allows you to use brush alone if you like. Brush fits perfect in the palm of your hand when unattached. Softens skin and can be used as a dry body brush. Bristles are firm, but gentle. Rinse after every use and hang to dry.


  • Beautiful Bamboo Removable handle
  • Hand strap on back of brush( Enables you to use brush alone)
  • Hanging rope ( Hang brush in shower to dry)
  • Quality Bristles

Total Brush measures 17"